March 17th, 2006


Shrill People Being UnAmerican

Over In Loosening the Foil, or, "Bumbling Clowns Keep You Safe!" the whiners are whining about the fact that the Intelligence Community has gone to dog doo-doo in the current age of Party Loyalty First.

Oh well, guess it so has got to suck that the White House has to out source its intelligence services needs, not to mention, well, gosh, I guess those High Paying Jobs in Maufacturing Consent are on their way overseas as well....

Hum. What would have happend if america had been attacked, and there were need for actual intelligence services and not merely the play acting about how to commit felonies by failing to comply with FISA, so that one's pay acting about iintellligence services, well, gosh, looked like one was interested in them.

Nah, they wouldn't openly Piss all over the remnants of the intelligence community like that, now would they? It's one thing to Tell The Veteran's Community that they get DICK for veterans day.... but now the slow decapitation of any actual intelligence service capability - gosh, by the same brownie tricks as the rest of the state apparatus for play acting about security....

What next - we're going to find out that this administration has had to raise the debt ceilling more than three times, because the 'financial planning' like capacity was also outsourced to Boobs_R_Us, and it is only now that the White House has learned that there WERE NO MAMARRRIES there either!!!!