March 16th, 2006


Should Americans Boycott "V for Vendetta"

since clearly it is an assault against the great leader, advocates terrorism, and otherwise offers aid and comfort to the enemy in a time of deferring the tax liabilities onto the unborn's as yet unborn taxpayers.

And why IS the evil liberal media still covering up "Karl Rove Saved The World Day" as always.....

Clearly americans must do their duty, OR THE TERRORISTS WIN!

Why Sue The NYT?

Wouldn't Libby's Legal Team get the notes from former NYT reporter Judith Miller faster if they filed against say Dick Cheney or the Republican National Directorate Of State Security Apparatus? ( cf Libby lawyers subpoena NYT, reporter notes in CIA leak case )

No dr_strych9, judith miller was NOT an American Intelligence Community Asset, unless you are going to grow the stones and explain that all of the K-Street Lobbyists are a part of the State Security Apparatus... Oh hold it, I guess I sorta did note that the Cheney Intelligence Agency is merely the public face of the RNDSSA.

Why Does Red Hollywood Hate America?

Jessica Simpson reneged on an invitation to appear at a Republican Party fundraiser to promote the nonprofit venture Operation Smile Thursday night, despite the added enticement of promised face time with her fellow Texan.

Alas, it's a meeting of the minds that will never take place.

The Dukes of Hazzard star, who touches down in Washington, D.C. later today to lobby members of Congress on behalf of the charity, which offers free plastic surgery for disadvantaged children with facial deformities, chose not to attend the gala for fears of politicizing the non-partisan venture.

[ cf Jessica Disses Dubya ]
So why would anyone want to depolitize a so called
ScaryFingerQuotesOn non-partisan ScaryFingerQuotesOff charity
by openly OPPOSING the greatest Military Leader EVER! Thus Offering Aid And Comfort to the Enemy!!!

What is it with these DixieChicks? And their whole Hate America Campaign!!!