March 15th, 2006


I want their Dope

This week, liberal Democrat Russ Feingold called on the Senate to censure the President for a program that is successfully stopping terrorists. After months of searching, Democrat leaders are finally beginning to find their agenda: take away the tools America needs to fight terror. In the last 24 hours, fringe groups like and Democrat leaders from John Kerry to Harry Reid to Dick Durbin have rallied to Feingold's side, praising his grandstanding as a "catalyst" for the investigation of the President.

We are a nation at war. Our President has no more basic responsibility than to protect the American people and fight terrorists who want to kill us. It's one thing if a lone Senator wants our government to look the other way when an Al Qaeda terrorist contacts a sleeper cell inside the United States. It's entirely another when Democrat minority leader Harry Reid commends Feingold's censure move for "bringing [the terrorist surveillance program] to the attention of the American people."

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I mean are these People HIGH? And if so where can I get some Bud like that?

Clearly more americans must do their part and buy and wear their Op. Yellow Elephant Bingo Messenger Bag so that everyone Knows That YOU are doing your Part to Stop Them and Their Unwillingness to do their Part! Now More than ever all americans must stop those evil liberals who are just not aware that the nation is at war - and are acting as if the whole "culture of corruption" was the wave of the future!

More Brutal Onslaught of the Black Robed Justices

Prosecutors seeking the death penalty against confessed terrorist Zacarias Moussaoui told a federal judge that it would be a waste of time to continue the trial after key government witnesses were barred from testifying.

The government is considering an appeal of U.S. District Judge Leonie Brinkema's decision Tuesday that guts roughly half of the federal case against Moussaoui.

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For those of you who have been following this case, it only gets sellier and silleir, and now, gosh...

I still want to rant at the government prosecutors who are trying to get the death penalty based upon the prosecution's hatred of the 5th Ammendment, and their complete disgust that they got stuck running this case without being alllowed to render the perp to a country where they could have been allowed to get all of the information that they would have needed to stop 9/11. Gosh, and now they find out they can not simply offer scripts to their witnesses to follow so that they can say on message.

Ah yes.... back in the bad old days, taking the 5th ammendment to protect one's self from, well, confessing to a crime, was something that only enron types did. Now it seems that it is also to be extended to persons who are not actually involved in the plot or conspiracy... I mean what next? The Government will be prevented from extracting confessions from persons for which there was no actual crime committed? Where Will It All END if we allow blackrobed judical tyrannts impose their failed pre-911 liberalism on the judicial system!!!

Only In America

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, joined by other U.S. and Canadian officials, was announcing details of the charges at a news conference Wednesday in Chicago.

The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency led the U.S. investigation.

Gonzales has said the Justice Department would focus on crimes against children and online pornography.

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now the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement is a part of the Justice Department? Or was Gonzales doing the nod and the wink here?

I mean if we are suppose to be going after child pornography - then gosh - uh, why Customs??? Are we really suppose to be all that SHOCKED to find out that the typical Pro-Abort who opposes the free market is persecuting americans who want to sell, rent, or lease their children at market prices just like as in the bible?

Or What?

Holy Cow The Mad March Of The Pro-Aborts!

Detectives Were Hired for Contract Killing, Witness Says
Fleshing out his tale of gangland murder and corruption, an aging marijuana dealer told jurors at the trial of Louis J. Eppolito and Stephen Caracappa today that in 1986, the two New York detectives murdered a crooked jeweler in a parking garage and then, years later, laughed about the killing at a secret meeting in a Staten Island cemetery.
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Gotta Respect: Iowa's Residency Rules Drive Sex Offenders Underground

Our dear friends dr_strych9 always wondered why it was that members of the armed forces who were opposed to the Greatest Military Leader, EVER!!! were always brought down on 'sex related issues'. Well, DUH, decaff time. It is such a cute article in American Pravda!
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