March 14th, 2006


Those Damn Liberals In the Left Wing Press

COULTER: How about the rape rooms, did that turn out to be true?
[ Media Matters citing her from the FauxNewsShow Hannity And Combes ]
But of course those God Haters in the Radical Left at FauxNews never gave her the chance to explain why she likes the Rape Rooms, let alone, whether she meant the ones from the older regime or the new and improved regime in Iraq.

Granted she does have a point, we clearly need to liberate Iran, and China it could be possible that their Rape Rooms are cooler than HanoiAnnie Coulter gets to play in, and what better excuse for sending in american troops to be abandoned by the administration, except with those whiners in the evil liberal media keep pointing out that the current administration has functionally abandoned the troops in Iraq to getting what ever support they can fedEx in from the folks back home.

So when will the evil Liberal Media get over the fact that they are still irrelevant.

More Strength Through Joy

Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld gave a strong hint today that American troop levels in Iraq may be increased in coming days, perhaps only slightly and temporarily.
[ cf American Pravda ]
Hum... where have I heard that song and dance before, oh yes, it went with the musical
And We are marching to Cambodia,
Cambodia, Cambodia,
Yes we are Marching To Cambodia....
But We Support the UpsizingDownSizing of the Push Me Pull Me!

Since it worked so well In Dr. Doolittle - and we all know how we were all reasurred with Rex Harrison in the lead - giving us that warm and reasurring sense that all was hunky dory with the world. Just trust those five o'clock folly reports - because there is a Light at the end of the tunnel!