March 7th, 2006


The Daily Bino

Hey kids, remember those Halcyon Days when congress gave Bill Clinton the Line Item Veto, because there was no other way to bring fiscal discipline to the federal budget. Then those evil Black Robed Tyrannts struck down that gambit as not being allowable under american constitutional law.

Well guess what, Senator Kerry supports giving Dubya the line item veto.

Now remind me again how exactly the NeoConClownCarCrew is going to be able to keep a straight face asking the american people stand up and support turning Dubya into a Kerry Backed Bill Clinton.

Things that worry the drieux

It is bad enough that most americans are wondering if hanoiAnnie Coulter is doing drag badly. But what sort of fetish would it be if one had these uncontrollable desires to want to dress up as Dick Cheney or Karl Rove?

Be specific, you illustrations from Hentai...