March 2nd, 2006


Acts of Conscience

In the Kurrent Kultur Kampf between the defenders of the Kultur Of Korruption, and those who OPPOSE THEM, I must shout out my Support For Ray McGovern and the other 15 members who may get a chance to grap the nation's attention.
As a matter of conscience, I am returning the Intelligence Commendation Award medallion given me for "especially commendable service" during my 27-year career in CIA. The issue is torture, which inhabits the same category as rape and slavery - intrinsically evil. I do not wish to be associated, however remotely, with an agency engaged in torture.
[ cf truthout ]
Who Knows this may well be a turning point in the War Against State Sponsored Terrorism!

Who knows, maybe even the kiddies in the NeoConClownCarCrew will thinks seriously about
just saying NO!
to state sponsored terrorism!
Why, who knows, they may even decide that the want to support the restoration of the reign of law...

It could happen...