February 15th, 2006


Those American Companies In China....

It was so cute how some idiotic chinese news journalist had some totally irrational mystico-religious delusion that simply because american corporations were doing business in China, that this would mean some retreat to the Failed Liberal Pre-911 Model where the Individual had some value seperable from their involvement defending the Moral Superiority Of the Mandate Of Heaven as Manifest By The Greatest Military Leader EVER!

I mean, if american law does not follow the american military around the world. Why should the civilians be under any compulsion to do anything more but support the new and improved new World Order!

These Are Such Wonderful Days!!!

Wow! Now there is moral courage like we normally do not get to say! A Vice President Boldly Standing up on the Fox News evil liberal brit hume show, being the responsible adult who is responsible, and adult like, and not a part of the Culture Of Corruption that has become the Texas Legacy of DeLay, Roverians, And the Enronites.

Wow! These are such bold and dynamic times! Clearly a turning point in the forward progress of progressiveness....