February 9th, 2006


But if the threat has not abated...

Does that mean that the president is admitting to failure in the ongoing Whatever On Whomever?

Or are we suppose to believe that the newly declassified reports, which of course, do not clarify if they were intelligence product were gained lawfully, or illegally, and whether or not they have been fully sanitized so as to not offer the enemy more aid and comfort than the president's on going efforts, are, gosh, being declassified early so that the president can give them to the press, rather than to Congressional Oversight Groups, because we need to increase the number of illegal activities the Administration should be allowed to embark upon, or are we suppose to be excited that now we know that what ever were the excuses of the last administration, this administration remains committed to staying the course and maintaining the threat by any means possible.

Let Us Ask That Question Another Way

Security Term Type Issue Date Maturity Date Interest Rate % Yield % Price Per $100 CUSIP
3-YEAR NOTE 02-15-2006 02-15-2009 4.500 4.595 99.736583 912828EV8
10-YEAR NOTE 02-15-2006 02-15-2016 4.500 4.540 99.681335 912828EW6
30-YEAR BOND 02-15-2006 02-15-2036 4.500 4.530 99.510492 912810FT0

Hum..... The 3 year is yeilding better than the 10 year which is yeilding better than the 30 year...

Now what sort of interest rate geometry does that look like....