January 26th, 2006


Winning the War with Iran

It is still not clear to me whether America is More@War with Iran than before. Since, well, gosh, they back hamas, and the vote in the Palestinian State went to Hamas, and we of course all oppose the presence of military force as a factor in political issues - which of course is why the President Took A Strong Stand against the Use of Military Style Force, or was that he only opposes the presence of military forces that he does not control....

It would be helpful if the president would clarify which of his positions he is still holding.

America To Be Left Defenseless

A guard who reported a security breach inside the nation's second-largest chemical weapons depot may have mistaken wildlife for human intruders, authorities said Thursday.
The 13,000-acre Army complex, located a half-hour south of Little Rock, began destroying its chemical weapons stockpile in March to comply with international treaties.

[ cf Yahoo News ]
Now let me see if I get this straight.

The 2nd Largest ChemWarfare Depot is planning to start destroying it's ChemWeaps in March of 2005.....

Makes one wonder when the 1st Largest ChemWarfare Depot will be getting a requirement to leave america defenseless from the threat of Iraqi Imaginary Weapons.

I mean how ever will we repell those Iraqi Flying Saucers if Iraq falls to the Iraqi????

I say we Must Stay The Course!

For the Children!

Or the Terrorists WIN!

be seeing you.