January 13th, 2006


A Million Little Pieces of Memoir Land!

I must confess that it is so personally reassuring to me that the great victory of the Memoir as something near to fiction has been formally accepted in America now that Oprah has asserted that the testable hypothesis is that 'the book should be judged by its redemptive power.' Boy is that going to be the declarative assertion for the Current Zeit Geist!

I am so looking forward to the Memoirs of President Bush, Dick Cheney and the Whole Gang, knowing that all we need worry about is the 'redemptive power'.

But I might be a tad bit cycnical given the warm fuzzy press releases from the DOD that they are going to be shipping 230,000 body armour kits to the 130,000 americans who are suppose to be on station in Iraq. Not that I wish to suggest that it is the American DOD's job to arm their Iraqi Puppet Military Force, but shouldn't that part be the glowing warm fuzzy being put forward by Rumsfeld's Opposition Number in the Iraqi DOD, or Ministry of the Interior, Or Directorate of State Security.

So yes, I may not be feeling as warm and comfortable about the current effort to get UN Sanctions against Iran.

I mean we went through that Process with Iraq, and we all know where that went.

Well at least until we learned that the important part is the 'redemptive power' portion of how much truth is required to be non-fiction.

be seeing you!

And we are at war with which list of nations again?

Can folks help me out here. It is not always clear to me how long we have always been at war with Spain and Venezuela.

At which point it was not clear if we still are more at war with Iran, Pakistan, and the rest of the countries that are not fully integrated into the American Co-Prosperity Sphere.

So does anyone have the official canonical more at war than ever before list?