December 22nd, 2005


Sunni and Secularist To Boycott Troop Reductions?

I hate to put it that way. But there is the comical irony in the phrasing.

tongodeon had been somewhat optomistic that the decision by the Sunni's to be engaged in the current election cycle was something like a positive sign. But given the current news reports that the Sunni's And Secularists are threatening to boycott the Iraqi Legislation unless there is an international investigation into their concerns about 'voting fraud' - one has to wonder how 'good' was this election.
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4th Circuit Disallows Transfer of Padilla to Civil Detention.

heads Up freaks. the same panel of judges from the 4th circuit that had said that the president was within his rights to detain padilla in a military detention facility is saying that the Bush Administration can not simply hand him back to the civil authorities. They also note:
In denying the administration's request, the three-judge panel unanimously issued a strongly worded opinion that said the Justice Department's effort to transfer Mr. Padilla gave the appearance that the government was trying to manipulate the court system to prevent the Supreme Court from reviewing the case. The judges warned that the administration's behavior in the Padilla case could jeopardize its credibility before the courts in other terrorism cases.

What made the action by the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit in Richmond, Va., so startling, lawyers and others said, was that it came from a panel of judges who in September had provided the administration with a sweeping court victory, saying President Bush had the authority to detain Mr. Padilla, an American citizen, indefinitely without trial as an enemy combatant.
In the opinion on Wednesday, written by Judge J. Michael Luttig, the court said the panel was denying permission to transfer Mr. Padilla as well as the government's suggestion that it vacate the September decision upholding Mr. Padilla's detention for more than three years in a military brig as an enemy combatant.

[ cf American Pravda ]
This may make the game a bit more interesting when HIS Black Robed Tyrannts start questioning the divine authority....

What Next? Mandating that AMERICAN LAW is The Law IN America????

Intelligence Ops v. Judicial Evidence Gathering

It may help folks if we start with a few basic simple clarifications about the differences between Intelligence Operations, and what happens in the Law Enforcement Efforts to acquire Information. I noticed that this may not be 'clear' from tongodeon posting My Legal Questions . I believe it is reasonably safe to admit that intelligence operations are not like they are in the Movies. Just as 'real LA cops' are not like "starsky and hutch".
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