December 20th, 2005


Karlock Killer Of Shrubbery!


this with having one's own crib has up sides, and down sides.

Yesterday I wound up googling for my favorite granola Bear Naked ( the yellow bag, with the dried banana in it. Only to find that there were references to vendors - one of whom is NOT COSTCO. So I plotted out my work, my primary, secondary, and 'targets of opportunities'.

I got to check out various grocery stores yesterday, as I have to work out what my diet will look like. So at one level I have this top down view, and it's INSANE, when I step back from googling for food stores. It's like there is this whole "animal planet" show going on behind me, where the narrator is talking about designated hunting areas....

Karlock Killer Of Shrubbery!

So it's weird, It's still Recon, It's still 'gridding out the terrain', but it is so weird that I am Hunting Granola!

I mean, what is wrong with America!!!! That a nice, innocent, shy, quiet, naive little waif from the midwest has to go through all of this work, just to stalk the Whiley Granola Of Choice!!!

Shouldn't there be some sort of National Defense Granola Initiative that MANDATES that God Fearingly Decent Granola MUST be maintained at all public grocery stores, you know, OR THE TERRORISTS WIN!!!!

Black Robed Tyrannts Soft On Terrorists!

Ok, so if the judge struck down the Argument From Intelligent Design, can there be any other reasoning behind it but the Hatred of the Divinity of Dubya which AFID demands? Isn't this effort on the Black Robed Tyrannts to link ID to Creationism merely the same old failed pre-9/11 effort to oppose the Divine Rights of the President? Hence Aiding International Terrorism, Hence BEING A TERRORIST!

Clearly they must deal with this soon, or who knows what will happen, Those Iraqi Flying Saucers might return.

Your Spin Free Zone Here....

Well all of you evil liberals may have missed:
by Abraham H. Miller - Since the Palestinian Authority’s takeover of Bethlehem in 1995, under the Oslo Accords with Israel, Bethlehem has been transformed from a Christian city into a Muslim city. Bethlehem’s remaining Christians now live in a condition of dhimmitude (a reference to the second-class citizenship Islam imposes on Christians) in the city of Jesus’ birth.

The Palestinians brought with them a political system based on primitive tribal relations, where the power of one’s clan became a substitute for the law. As a consequence, Christians have suffered civil outrage and criminal violence without recourse to justice.

[ cf Coming to Bethlehem: A Christmas without Christians ]
which might seem a little harsh, but google lumped it in with the rest of the liberal media propoganda like
About 20 Palestinian militants armed with assault rifles stormed into Bethlehem city hall, across from the Church of the Nativity, traditionally considered to be built over the birthplace of Jesus. The gunmen were from the Al Aksa Martyrs Brigades, a militant group linked to the ruling Fatah movement of Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas. They demanded to be put on the payroll of the Palestinian Authority.

"We want jobs," said one of the gunmen. "We want salaries for 320 Al Aksa members."

[ cf Palestinian Gunmen Briefly Seize Bethlehem Municipality ]
Now for the bonus round. Which is the Propoganda of the Evil Liberals in the Voice Of America???

For extra crunchy bits, my co-work, pointed out the "DUH Moment" - a bunch of armed guys who want jobs in a security organization. That's not a protest, that's a Resume.