December 16th, 2005



the other evening dr_strych9 and I dashed off to see the film Syriana and the dinner chat had been about SciFi writers and such issues. At which point I was whining about being referred to as someone who reminds folks of various fictional characters, and I kvetched loudly
You People Don't Get IT!
I am a Fictionaly Character!
I've been trying to become a Non-Fictional Character for the Bulk of My Life!
So please, no literary references.

Let us get back on the big bus of mainstreaming the drieux....

Novak to FauxNews

Reuter's is alledging that the alledge conservative Robert "Comrade Party Flunky" Novak, who actually exposed the Valerie Plame Connection, and is alledged to be involved in the legal issues surrounding his act of aiding and abetting the enemy in a time of "War Like Sequences" by exposing a CIA Asset, has decided to work with FauxNews.

Or should we say, "the undead have shambled off to FauxNews where the journalistic integrity is less stringent and he will be allowed to more openly offer aid and comfort to the enemy in a time of 'War Like Sequences' as his ongoing assault against White Christian America continues."