December 14th, 2005


Which Presidential Posturing?

There is a meme going around that implies that americans should be able to refute the position of the president.

That presumes that americans can actually correlate the various presidential speach utterance behaviors with what may or may not be the actual american governmental policy like position.

So does anyone have any actual evidence that there IS anything like an actual american governmental policy?

Similarly have they been able to correlate that chimira with the actual speach utterance behaviors of the president.

What Does Victory Mean?

Assuming that we can believe the evil liberal media reports that the President has some sense of responsibility about getting into ThatIraqiThingiePoo, does anyone know what the evil libreal media means when they report
"We cannot and will not leave Iraq until victory is achieved," he said.
Does the token victory have any semantically evaluable content?

Or is this merely a bad drag remake of Elizabeth Taylor's classic line:
Brick: Win what? What is, uh, the victory of a cat on a hot tin roof?
Maggie: Just stayin' on it, I guess. As long as she can.

[ cf cat on a hot tin roof + victory ]
And therefore what the president is saying is that there is currently no plan at all to ever leave iraq - PERIOD.

Should we worry if the President starts doing Dorothy in his drag routine?

So What IS YOUR Excuse?

You will forgive me if I ask hard questions. But in a day and age when we are retreading jarheads and refielding multiple amputees back into operations. Where we are sucking in Grannies who served in vietnam. Not to mention the stop loss operations. I may well be brutally painfully serious when I ask some of the hard questions Why are you in the rear? simply telling me that one is a disable vet is clearly not enough.

This time supposedly america was attacked.

Not For Breakfast Any More

Well it appears that the president is up for "total victory" - which I think is still a breakfast cereal.

So while he is taking responsibility for having decided to invade iraq, he is also not taking responsibility for invading iraq because Saddam made him do it....

Mean while, we are also to understand that the next round of increased violence is because the elections were either successful or not. But we will be able to know some things about Iraq in a few more months.

At which point we may or many not have a position with regards to the position that we are positioning ourselves for.

But clearly now more than ever it is time for that "total victory" stuff.

But the good news is that the President is reforming the Intelligence Community. So hopefully they will not be held responsible for telling the president when not to put '16 words' into his state of the union address. Which hopefully will never happen again. So... uh... does the president have a plan for how the white house is going to be reformed to deal with the actual intelligence? Or would that be more defeatist propoganda that will cause the next round of escallation in the violence in iraq while we do that what ever thing for "Total Victory"!!!

More Historic Than The Last One?

Ok, help me out here happy kampfr's. I thought the last election in Iraq was the most Historical EVER!

Now the evil liberal media is trying to forget that the last one was the Historicalist EVER!

So what is this with recycling news?