November 30th, 2005


Of Course NeoCons Support Torture

I am almost SURPRISED that tongodeon took the time to note that NewsMax is pimping John McCain: Torture Worked on Me ( click on through his thread if you need to find the NewsMax Giggler ). I mean these freaks have a hard enough time as it is explaining why they are still in the rear with the beer, while all the time chanting about being more at war than ever before.

tongodeon also has a nice reference to the SERE school program at Ft. Bragg. It is one of many very useful schools that offer up a good guide to how to have a lovely time in various non-urbane environments, and which parts of what things are edible. As well as a lovely short course in the fine art of constructive negotiation in a hostile leveraged postition. I think it would be wounderful for More NeoConClownCarCrew Types to take the all expense paid holidy through SERE school as a part of their total commitment to quality.

The advantages of a One Party State.

For those keeping track, there really is no use for an opposition party in america. Especially while Dubya remains the leading bush basher as he keeps working out how his withdrawl/no-withdrawl policy really gets going forward as a policy like position.

So stay tuned for the continuing adventures of Dubya Does Dubya.

Price As Signal Meets NotConsoleGame

Is it just me, but is there a bit of scaryNeff that tongodeon points at the Price as Signal in his article on Every midget has her price. while there is this on going discussion about what is the role of Financialization of NotConsoleGames.

It is UGLY ENOUGH that I have been ranting at my Liberal Friends
Patriotism Is what you get
When you didn't get the Fair Market Value
with regards to the current political posturings of the 'free marketeers' and the current WhateverOnWhomever. But to have it bounce around again in the middle of this with NotConsoleGames...

I think the critical question nested in the midst of merde kvetch
i should point out that i understand the point of the diamond -- it's the same reason many women want a guy to spend money on them when they're first dating. it's a measure of how much he values her. it's the most crass and soulless possible measure, but there it is. and i guess when you're shallow and passionless, and you're dating shallow and passionless men, displays of financial largesse are the only way you can tell he "cares."
while she also notes that there is the problem with dating 'losers' because she imposed no expectations on them....

So how do we go about solving the problem of what 'price signals' are really a part of the process, and which of them are a part of the problem.