November 24th, 2005


The Really Interesting Thought Provoking Film I would like to see

Mad Props go out to tongodeon for his thread a thought provoking movie about people who do not accept homosexuality since the working premise is that some how the money grubbing capitalist roaders in Red Hollywood should be pandering to the so called 'vast right wing religious konspirakii' given the success of the other 'religious like' films. But you will forgive me if I note that the 'homosexuality' portion is MERELY a Red Herring.

Therefore the short explanation for why Red Hollywood is not pandering to these folks is that they understand that the propoganda piece that tongodeonreferenced does NOT establish that there is a 'market' that they can sell into. For all of the other Evils that go with Red Hollywood - they can tell when someone is blowing smoke up their skirt.

This Rant, therefore, deals with the thread as tongodeon first put it forward, and then onto getting Some REAL all american movies out of Red Hollywood.
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