November 10th, 2005


The Growing Costs of Civic's Lessons

well, gosh, golly, gee whiz. The KennedyToyBoy decided to spend how many millions of california tax payer dollars to learn the lesson that in america the Governor of States has to work with the Legislatures of States.

Makes one wonder what it will take the Greatest Military Leader EVER! to learn that the law in america is the law in america? Do we count that one in mere billions of dollars? Or should we be crude and factor in the cost of DEAD! MAIMED and WOUNDED american GI's?

I can appreciate that there are those who can not GET WOOD without the blood of dead american GI's - and yes, I understand that the American Drug Industry started working on Viagra as a Substitute after Nixon Pulled us out of Vietnam - but gosh, golly, gee whiz, what if there were some other way to teach sex ed....

Why Does the Argument From Intelligent Design Suprise Americans?

The internebbish was confused that the President of Cornell is asserting that there are at least 40% of americans who support the argument from intelligent design, blog_entry. So I would like to surface my comments from there:
I think you folks are missing the core issue here.

In 'geek culture' the ability to improvise, adapt, overcome are considered the same VIRTUES that Clint Eastwood sold in his USMC Force Recon Movie "Heart Break Ridge". So we have little problems with the central thesis of the scientific model.

Outside of Geek Culture - there is the general fear and paranoia.

Look back on the number of folks who openly blame 9/11 and Katrina on the Evil Lesbians who have brought down the wrath of GOD upon america....

On that side of the line it is not at all hard to step up to the plate and DEMAND that the evil doers in science be forced out, lest we find that they tolerate lesbianism and hence are the root cause of 9/11 and Katrina. So the effort is there to replace the scientific method with the general fear and loathing that does not get in the great white land shark and go to Vegas.

Those Folks have not been joking that they view this as a Kultur Kampf!

Why do you think that they have been selling the whole Package - the need to end science, the need to allow torture, the need to have a greater police state that will be allowed to detain anyone from anywhere as long as it will please their Wrathful God and prevent the next Katrina.

Some Americans may get nervous that I correlate Force Recon "best practices" with the core values of Geek Culture, but, well figure out the Delta and get back to me on why that should worry folks. So the really scary part is that the long term impact of the ASSAULT ON SCIENCE is that it will have a major NASTY IMPACT on the american armed forces.

So to put things in that not to polite way that I am Inclined to assert:
So Do YOU want to support the Troops?

Or were you hoping that no one would notice that you decision to openly offer aid and comfort to the enemy in a time that you are stipulating is a time of war?
Or would that be considered 'impolite' in a time of deferring that tax burden onto the unborn, or What?

Which is More Obscene?

I just got a marketting spiel that the schmuck said was an opportunity to work with a Non-Profit that was both Backed By The Vice President, and was making Obscene Volumes of Money.... WOW... a non-profit as an investment opportunity because it is able to discharge lots of money.

or the comedy from the House:
The House Intelligence Committee will look into a possible leak of classified information about secret CIA prisons but will not reopen its 2003 inquiry into prewar intelligence on Iraq.