November 9th, 2005


does the cia Support the President to support the Troops?

A classified report issued last year by the Central Intelligence Agency's inspector general warned that interrogation procedures approved by the C.I.A. after the Sept. 11 attacks might violate some provisions of the international Convention Against Torture, current and former intelligence officials say.

The previously undisclosed findings from the report, which was completed in the spring of 2004, reflected deep unease within the C.I.A. about the interrogation procedures, the officials said. A list of 10 techniques authorized early in 2002 for use against terror suspects included one known as waterboarding, and went well beyond those authorized by the military for use on prisoners of war.

The convention, which was drafted by the United Nations, bans torture, which is defined as the infliction of "severe" physical or mental pain or suffering, and prohibits lesser abuses that fall short of torture if they are "cruel, inhuman or degrading." The United States is a signatory, but with some reservations set when it was ratified by the Senate in 1994.

[ cf PravdaOnTheHudson ]

So why exactly would the CIA turn on the President?

Don't they accept the Argument From Intelligent Design that DEMANDS the Divinity of Dubya?

Or are they merely afraid that they would be held in american secret torture centers overseas, if americans were to actually decide that american law was the law for americans? Or are they hoping that by complying with American Law that the worst that would happen is that they would be held in accordance with american law and allowed access to a defense counsel, and access to their accussors....

Which is the Ironic Part?

President George W. Bush's chief of staff Andrew Card and other top White House officials started attending classes on ethics and the handling of classified information on Tuesday in response to the indictment of a top aide in the CIA leak investigation.

Bush's top political adviser, Karl Rove, was expected to attend one of the classes scheduled for Wednesday.

A total of 3,000 administration officials -- with the exception of Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney -- will attend the mandatory, hourlong briefings over the next two weeks, White House spokesman Scott McClellan said.

Cheney's new chief of staff, David Addington, was also scheduled to attend, the White House said.

[ cf Reutrers ]

Could it be that the White House Staff has decided that it would be best if they worked on restoring the Dignity to the White House, even if the current players are not sure how or why?

I wonder what the Argument From Intelligent Design has to say about this....

It is starting to look a lot Like WMAS!!!

By a 6-4 margin, the Kansas Board of Education voted Tuesday to mandate that students learn about the "controversial" aspects of Charles Darwin's widely accepted theory of evolution. The move was seen as a victory for religious conservatives who question Darwin's theory in favor of one of "intelligent design," which suggests that life is too complex for evolution to have happened without the assistance of some higher power.
The move makes Kansas the fifth state to adopt standards that question evolution.

[ cf MTV ]

OK, so there is just something scrumptious and tastelishious about getting this morsel out of MTV, and for the MTV generation.

Hopefully now all children will learn that the Argument From Intelligent Design DEMANDS the Divinity of Dubya, and that is gonna mean more Americans willing to Put the Dubya Back into WMAS!!!!

Who will be Brown This Time?

for the younger generation who may not recall the 1954 US Supreme Court Ruling in Brown v. Board of Education - they may want to do their homework, while this information is still available, and not considered a terrorist threat.

So it is interesting that the formal statement asserts:

which makes one have to wonder why it came up through Kansas, if not to openly ask the question, "what is the matter with Kansas?"

Scientific America OPPOSES the Divinity of Dubya

I am shocked, just Shocked, that radical leftist God Hating, America Bashing, anti-americans like Scientific America have openly come out OPPOSEING the Divinity of Dubya!

Clearly someone needs to inform the Department of Homeland Security that there are these clearly OBVIOUS Terrorist Sleeper Cells all around the country bent upon openly attacking AMERICA by attacking the Divinity of Dubya as the Argument From Intelligent Design DEMANDS!

French Double Agent Unmasked!


Who would have thought it, now Wilson is suppose to be Insp. Jacques Clouseau, the Great French Double Agent, evil_liberal_site_opposing_the_obvious - which I found because of tongodeon has been trying to remember which side of the "we do not support torture, but do not want to be held accountable" line he really wants to belong on....

I think that the DixieCratsForNixon are just a bit uneasy about the fact that france is stuck in the sixties right now, getting its chance to do the combo Watts, Detrait, ... Race Riots. So of course Wilson has to be French, because, uh, uh, they are the Evil Ones.... Oh sorry, forgot we are not suppose to play the 'race card' since, well, uh, it's important to get to the bottom of who leaked that we had Secret Torture Facilities overseas - unlike, when, well, gosh, we burn our OWN CIA ASSETS for strictly domestic political gain, because the BAD PERSON was so bad that he actually did what Dick Cheney told him to do - and that unfortunately was a complete failure because Wilson gave the VP the actual answer and not the Patriotically Correct One!

So now more than ever we must redouble our effort to unmask more of the Evil French Double Agents who are in our midst working on providing Actual Answers and not merely Patriotically Correct ONES!!!!

I mean if we do not stop the French, we will be awash in a SEA of Gay HomoSexual Zombie Pirate Marrriage Initiatives... ARRGH.

Oh, yes, and 'snakes on planes', without which those other bad things would happen....