November 4th, 2005


Being the Ugly Republican

The question is really simple:
How long can americans afford to spend billions keeping american targets in Iraq so that Al-Qaeda can keep killing them on a budget?

I know that this is an impolite way to raise the problem, but given that the so called pro-war types are so confused as to how we got into Iraq, and can't recall what exactly the 'mission' is, or how it relates to the 'mission accomplished', nor can they work out any ideas about what an exit strategy - why not get blunt and down to the nitty gritty dollars and sense.

For Californians - the November 8th Play Acting At Self Government

I would like to remind californians that since they decided to impose their Kennedy-Toy-Boy on the state to play act as if he were cabable of governing that there are a bunch of ballot initiatives that we as Californians are paying for, so it would be cost effective if Californians did their part in this piece of Political Theatre.

Clearly what we need to get onto the Ballot Initiative Track is a ballot initiative that will mandate that when the Governor and the Legislature have 'issues' that they decide to at least play act that they are adults and do their Jobs.

I can understand that the libertarian crowd is all excited at the political theatre of spending billions to pretend that the current fiasco of ballot initiatives is almost like having a functioning governmnt - but they may wish to take some time out of their busy schedule and read up on things like Federalism. Yes, I understand, these freaks are all victims of the evil public welfare system - but it might help them.

The tragedy of course is that without californians turning out at the polls to actually VOTE, we have the minority rule by the freak show who like mere political theatre over good government.

So it is time to step into the voting booth and Vote! Stop the policy of political theatre by hoping that most of the voters will not show up...

So What DO you have to be Franz Kafka to Understand?

Let us be honest folks, there is real bad mojo in the works when the Czech decide that they really do not want to put up a secret CIA torture facility in the Kastle.

President George W. Bush threatened to veto the entire defense spending bill over McCain's amendment. More recently, the White House offered to go along if Central Intelligence Agency agents working overseas were exempt from any restrictions. The CIA is holding accused terrorists at secret prisons in Eastern Europe, The Washington Post reported Nov. 2.
[ cf bloomberg ]

or were we suppose to back the high weirdness factor of:
Vice President Dick Cheney made an unusual personal appeal to Republican senators this week to allow CIA exemptions to a proposed ban on the torture of terror suspects in U.S. custody, according to participants in a closed-door session.
[ cf Pravda Pravda - not those wankers on the Hudson ]

Now why exactly, after admitting that he outed a CIA operative is Karl Rove still CONUS, and hasn't been rendered into one of the places where his Friends Dick and George think that 'terrorists' should go?????

So What DO you have to be Franz Kafka to Understand?

So Wow... They Outed A CIA Asset For Buckage

Ok so the article says

The FBI has determined that financial gain, not an effort to influence U.S. policy, was behind the forged documents that the Bush administration used to bolster its prewar claim that Iraq sought uranium ore in Niger.
The FBI's investigation began after questions were raised about a brief portion of President Bush's January 2003 State of the Union speech when he said that Iraq was pursuing the uranium ore, part of his argument to justify the coming invasion of Iraq.
The Niger claim also is at the center of the CIA leak investigation that led to the indictment last week of Vice President Richard Cheney's former chief of staff, I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby.

[ cf yahoo_news]

Boy that has got to make Scooter Libby and Karl Rove feel so much better that americans now have the big news.

Some intrepid entrepreneur wanted to show the wonders of the free market system, you know, the same free market system that won the cold war, was gonna be able to do it all again...

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