October 28th, 2005


Got Greater Isreal?

well, yes, I know, most folks are waiting for the Saturday Night Massacre, now that the first round of indictments have come out. But what if there are cooler things wandering around underneath the WhateverOnWhomever?

In the lesser discussed news is the whine festival about the evil Iranians:

“The slogan of the Great Israel, a vast Jewish country stretching from the Nile to the Euphrates, has today become very opaque. Even if the Americans came to Iraq for this reason, I tell them that they have been defeated”, the former Iranian President said, adding that the Islamic republic had made further gains against its enemies.
[ cf Iran Focus]

Which the House has taken the counter to demand the rejection of this evil piece of Iranian Anti-WhateverIsm. Go surf Fox News for the full biblical implication.

But if we are opposing the Evil Iranians, does this mean that we Are supporting the Greater Israel? That will run from the Nile to The Euphrates?

Was there some part of the Excuse for liberating Iraq that the President wasn't as clear about?

Or is the house positioning itself to repudiate the dogma:

Only American Blood
Can Defend The Islamic Republic Of Iraq!

as a prelude for a congressional reconsideration of which is the mission accomplished in Iraq that will allow for the graceful transition from the current state of offering up american blood and treasure to satiate the needs of the draft dodgers back home who need to be more anti-anti-war than those other folks without actually needing to get all technical about being Pro-War enough to get up off the couch and into a hostile fire pay zone?

Ah yes, if only someone could help explain which policy was the policy that the current government had been near, around or about....