October 26th, 2005


The Dude Abideth!

Well at long last we can really get behind the Current Hip Trend From Our Friends At FEMA ( Federal Entertainment Management Administration ) for their stellar work plugging the upcoming collectors edition of the Big Lebowski! I mean what could rock more than having Tom DeLay doing his Abbie Hoffman impersonation down in Austin Texas!

I mean, like Dude, not since the total coolness of the whole Chicago & Trial have we seen that much verve and penache about how the whole establishment is corrupt and persecuting the Little Guy!

Now with the storm winds blowing that the Fitzgerald Persection may get going we may actually start working out who gets to play which roles in the ongoing revvival of which parts of thatSeventies Show? One of my freaks told me that he is so waiting to see George Slip Out of the White House and meet with the anti-war protestors on the mall, just like Nixon Did back in 1969.... I mean, like wow! How much more Hip and Goovey can the Big Dude, Maximal Leader, get in the upcoming exstatic Sixties Retro Thing than to do the Full On Tricky Dick!

I mean now that we have our majikal 2,000 KIA from ThatIraqiThingiePoo, it clearly is way to late to party like it's 1999, so why not wax up the old surfboarrd and go for the Big Gusto! Be all that we as a nation can be! And just support the whole Freak Show for what it is all about! Making sure that those evil terrorists overseas have actual american military targets to go on killing so that the draft dodging types can stay safe at home in their little beds being the great War Heroes that they always wanted to be....

Like Wow Dudes!

I mean it's so righteous that the Grreatest Military Leader EVER! has been so bold as to make sure that none of those draft dodger types could hide out in the national guard and reserves! So now, more than ever, americans can get righteously cranked when those nasty anti-war types are not as righteous as the folks who knew better than to be on active duty during the What Ever On Whom Ever!

Ok, so maybe the Big Lebowski was not the most mainstream of films for the vast majority of all americans.

But clearly now more than ever americans will get a chance to decide if it isn't the Greatest Film EVER! since it so clearly helps clear up all of the unresolved angst and anxieties about where we are in the 21st Century while we keep on keeping on as anything else would mean doing something else.

So is there really some Neo-Karl Rove out there right now working out how best to use his current posturing about politicing and being more anti-anti-war than the other folks? Does it really matter? Will It matter MORE if Karl Rove has to take on Tom DeLay as the Most Abbie Hoffmanesque of the Clique? in one of those massed Grudge Match in the Cage of Death as they duke it out for being the Most Persecuted of the Purists beset upon by the evil liberals who have decided to be evil, and liberal!!! And not willing to do their part to make the whole Sixties Retro Revival the Revialists of Retro's EVER!!!!


No Question!

The Dude Abideth!