October 12th, 2005


Winning ThatIraqiThingiePoo Remains Irrelevant

I sure hope that doesn't come as much of a shock to others as it did the first time it was proposed to me.

But let's be realistic. Did anyone really believe any of the Media Blitz about why we had to do ThatIraqiThingiePoo? Or the fun filled foto-op of "Mission Accomplished" was the prelude to the sort of ticker-tape parade of the valiant fighting forces coming home to a heroes welcome? So why should anyone believe that 'staying the course' or the rhetoric of 'until there is a victory' is anything more than the same old tired retread seventies show sitcom punchline material?

I felt sorry when listening to the KCBS radio show interviewing the kids at Parris Island explain why they want to be the next crop of young Marines. They still have to convince themselves that there is some sort of connection between 09/11 and ThatIraqiThingiePoo. They have to deal with the unpleasant reality that those who were once so pro-war have at best become the anti-anti-war types trying to cling to some excuse, any excuse, for 'staying the course'.

So forgive me if I can't hop into the "anti-war" camp - since, well, gosh, there is that minor legal problem - namely that congress has offered the current CiC the same legal footing they offered Clinton. So the nation remains no more at war than when those evil liberals wanted to Persecute Clinton while Congress had authorized him to keep on bombing Iraq just like the Bush before him. As such the nation remains no more @War than it had been, at best we have a national policy of getting americans killed for what remains strictly domestic political expediencies without actually adding to the national security. At times this does make some "TV worth watching" - but I am not convinced that The Federal Entertainment Marketting Administration is really getting a better bang for the tax payers buck.

Even if the so called 'liberals' take over the congress and the white house, what are they going to do? Pull of the NVA's trick? For those who may not recall, after a decade of liberating Kampuchea, the Hanoi government handed the problem over to the UN to cope with. Unlike Cambodia, the problem for Iraq remains Iran. The Cambodians didn't have to worry about the Thai troops and culture invading once the Vietnamese People's Liberation Army bailed and handed it all over to the blue helmetted one worlders. Iraq will not be that lucky.

But that means up ending the FauxNews apple cart. Remember when the hot buzz was "well why would Saddam keep everyone guessing whether he has WMD's?" Well how about the Iranian Islamic Revolution. The same shi'ite groupies who were having problems with the rise of secularism within their own border - and the growing threat of ideological deviationalism of the sunni based Taliban in Afghanistan. But that would require that americans remember the decade long Iraq-Iran war...

Unfortunately all of that is merely retreating back into the sort of 'reality based' approach to geo-political analysis that is, as we all know, a part of the failed pre-9/11 mindset. That effort to correlate cause and effect.

Winning ThatIraqiThingiePoo remains irrelevant simply because it doesn't matter.

As long as there are GI's getting killed, maimed, and wounded, there is another photo-op to play act about "winning the WhateverOnWhomever", another chance to stir the patriotic brew, another chance to say, "don't look at this, instead have a patriotic moment..."

Who cares whether the 'intelligence' that NYC subways would be attacked or not, it's better than worrying about whether the president was any more serious about federally funded reconstruction of The Gulf States, than he had been about a mission to mars. Or firing anyone associated with Outing A CIA asset, or... or... or...

Have a Patriotic Moment!

Remember ThatIraqiThingiePoo!




Win WOW NOW!!!
Win WOW NOW!!!
Win WOW NOW!!!

I mean who wants to give up that sort of Positive PR Spin and get bogged down in the dull and boring reality of how to balance the federal budget, the economic realities of an SUV backed suburban culture that has become increasingly non-competitive in a global economy that may not care who the next Brittany Spears Teen Heart Throb will be.

Remember ThatIraqiThingiePoo!

Win WOW NOW!!!
Win WOW NOW!!!
Win WOW NOW!!!

But Does Frau Meir WANT to put the Dubya back into Wmas?

Now that the question of religion and it's relationship to what should or should not be used when marketting a candidate for the Federal Bench has again raised it's stern and ugly head. Clearly All Truly Patriotically Corrector Than Thou All Americans must ask the truly crucial question:

Does Frau Meir want to put the Dubya BACK into Wmas,
As The Argument From Intelligent Design Demands?

Or will she too follow in the same path as the radical leftist black robed tyrannts on the bench, and decide that the law of man should take precedence over the Divine Will!

Can Americans really risk allowing some leftist who doubts the Divinity of the Divine Miss W on the Federal Bench, at any level, but more importantly at the Supreme Court Level!!!

It is clearly not enough that she supports the president to Support The Troops!

But does she truly hold the True Faith?

Inquiring Minds WANT to know!

Someone Needs To Ask The Question Again...

Most of the typical left wing fanatics were all willing to support Roberts in his nomination to the Supreme Court because he was an offically apostate Roman Catholic who had openly established that he would limit himself to merely the American Secular Law, rather than concerning himself with his former religious position as a Roman Catholic.

But now we really do need to know if Roberts will seek to

Put The DubYa back into Wmas
As the Argument From Intelligent Design Demands?

Or is that a part of the current crisis of faith that some such as the Right Reverand Pat Robertson have stumbled themselves into?

That they didn't want to talk about 'religion' when it wasn't their professional product being pushed. But now Holy Moldy, we gots to have us the right kinds of religions for them thar High Courts.

So maybe it is time to ask them Anti-War Types like the so called Right Reverand Pat Robertson

Will YOU Put The DubYa back into Wmas
As the Argument From Intelligent Design Demands?

Or do you want to Side with the TERRRORISTS who oppose the
Greatest Military Leader EVER!!!

I mean folks has got to know where folks stand!