October 6th, 2005


That RINO Problem

I should complement dr_strych9 for explaining the term RINO ( Republican In Name Only ) that seems to be the hot buzz for our friends in the NeoConClownCarCrew when they have their little emotional crisises about how to cope with the fact that they did not serve in the Military, and that Vets sometime pick on them for their whole VoCHA ( Victims of ChickenHawk Angst) and the rest of the follies that come with being NeoConClowns rather than dull tedious and boring old school tie republicans who believe in old school tie issues, values and solutions.

So given that I have been obliged to use the term in the thread Quote of the Day since it appears that tongodeon seems to be unclear about his place in the cosmos, why not take the time to deal with the term.

First off, I find it a fun term, ranks right up there with the buzzphrase "draft dodger". I mean I can understand why so many who have not actually served in the military are so emotionally traumatized by it. I mean look at Senator's Kerry and Gore, who were such evil and ugly "draft dodgers", since, well, I mean, some how going to vietnam to serve in the military there does make them "draft dodgers". Whereas at Least Senator McCain's decision to sit out the "war" in the Hanoi Hilton establishes that IF you are going to do that whole "draft dodger" thing, at least avoid actually serving on the ground in the combat zone. Clearly a greater improvement in approaching the process of Doing the "draft dodger" thing. But of course, as I keep reminding folks, those of us old school tie Republicans did try to explain that perchance it was not a morally useful thing to worry about who did and who did not serve on active duty during the Failed Liberal Welfare Project In Vietnam. But of course, it was such an important whining point for the NeoCons, because, well, it sounds like they care or are concerned about veterans or service to country.

The real fun has been watching those who bought that skank.

Made Even MORE comical in the current WhateverOnWhomever. Since, golly gosh, gee whiz, now more than ever, those folks who could have followed their lip flappings into actual implementation specific details have, well, simply sat on their face CONUS.... Just like their Great Leaders did before them. It thus seems clear that either they were hypocritical for the last 20+ years - or they are fully consistent with the very draft dodger culture that they said that they were, well so upset about, except for the parts that they liked.... Like the Leadership of the NeoConClownCarCrew.

So as long as the NeoConClownCarCrew keeps dragging out their 'war president' and all of their 'war rhetoric' excuses, some of us from the old school tie Strict Constructionist School will keep asking, "and why are we more at war than before?" Not to mention our very ugly approach of, "and why are you still in the rear with the beer?" But that of course leads us into the problem of whether or not a strict constructionist school of constitutional law has ever been a part of the core values of the Republican Party. Hum... That and the idea of well, fiscal responsibility. Gosh if the nation is More@War, then of course there are those War Bond Drives to help fund the project AND keep down inflation. But that too complicates the process for those who are not too sure how to deal with either fiscal responsibility or constitutional law.

So of course we should retreat into the whole 'victimization culture' and deal with the massive and brutal persecution of our white christian america by those evil, well, gosh, golly... Why exactly are the folks who have so little faith in their Diety that they need to power of the state to protect them..... Oh that's right, the logical conclusion of the Argument From Intelligent Design that establishes the Divinity of the Greatest Military Leader EVER! It's not about advancing creationism, it is about establishing that the evils of Evolution are evil, and that they suggest or imply that there would be changes in the social order beyond those that were laid down by the Divine Will. So since the Argument of Intelligent design is not designed to advance Biblical Literalism, it is clear that the Divine Will Made Manifest is not required to lead to any notion of Christianity, and as such that the state is at liberty to establish any "civic diety" that is politically expedient.

Hum... gosh, that might not be nice. Since, well it would mean advancing the idea that the Church Of America might not need to even be a "christian" denomination, why it could be simple flat out Emporer Worshiping if the Department of Homeland Security thought that were in the best interest of National Security.

I guess I can see why the NeoConClownCarCrew has been so willing to rally around the talking point of "RINO" since, well those who are the old school tie republicans might not be their best friends. Especially those of us who served in the Military and have a Code of Honor that does not allow us to be mere party apparachniki supporting the current cult of personality....

But should we really allow that mere fact to impede the full on fun that comes with the RINO game?

So many of our liberal friends lump all republicans into one bundle. And by the law of excluded middle, there can only be those of us who are the TRUE REPUBLICANS and those who are alligned with the Draft Dodging Dope Smoking America Bashing God Haters who oppose the Divinity of The Divine Miss W!!!

As I like to say, "anything less and those Al-Qaeda Satanic Gay Homosexual Zombie Cyborg Piloted Iraqi Flying Saucers will return to impose excessive governmental regulation upon the very free market that won the cold war."

Now More Than Ever all TRUE PATRIOTICALLY CORRECTOR THAN THOU must rally to the Divinity of The Divine Miss W!!! or clearly one is a persecutor of the true faith and a RINO! Or worse yet, a supporter of Evil Doers!

Granted, we might step away from the Surrealist Community that is the NeoConClownCarCrew and return our seats to their upright positions and get back to the somewhat dull boring and tedious business of being americans and actually being pragmatic and practical americans.

Putting the Dubya back into Wmas!

Well All Soul's days is rushing towards us at breath taking speed. For the Heathen Idolatorous America Bashers, that is the traditional start of the massive excessive marketting of products as the retail sector attempts desperately to establish a positive position for their portfolio's and to empty their inventories prior to the traditional end of year sell of the excess for strictly tax purposes!

It is normally also the time when the Heathen Idolatrous America Bashers embark upon their emotional angst and ennui about what new way can they persecute our White Christian America with their mere Political Correctness Rhetoric!

But no MORE!

Now that all true patriotically corrector than thou persons of good faith accept that the Argument from Intelligent Design establishes the Divinity of the Divine Miss W! Then clearly it is in the best interest of all true patriotically corrector than thou persons to Rally To the One True And ONLY civil diety celebration festival and support putting the Dubya back into Wmas!

Clearly now more than ever Americans Need to remember the important things that have come to pass, and give up those failed evil liberal pre-9/11 mindsets. They need a way to celebrate the brave new day in america! To come together as a nation that knows that Under the Omniscient and Omnipotent tutelage of the Divine Miss W! The Greatest Military Leader EVER! There has not been one effort by foreign devils to Attack the World Trade Center! These great new days of freedom and prosperty are the True Gifts of the whole Wmas Season! The time when the family can gather around the traditional seasonal shrubbery and share their chestnuts roasting on an open fire! Freed from those dark days when they use to pay high expensive electrical bills, back when they could still afford a fixed address where the Utility Could Bill them!!!

Yes, this year should be a Greater Wmas than any of the previous Wmas Season, because now all americans understand the importance of opening new and improved shrines to the Divine Miss W! And that without those Shrines and Alters, around the nation, where all can come and worship that which the Argument from Intelligent Design Demands, are all that stands between us and the Evil Forces of Evil Doers Everywhere!!!

So when those who Oppose the Divinity of the Divine Miss W! The greatest military leader EVER! Embark on their traditional america bashing, god hating, just remind them that they must support the President to Support the Troops! And that one fully supports that which the Argument from Intelligent Design Demands! And that one will not put up with anyone who is soft on international evil doers! That one has a cellphone and the department of homeland security on speed dial, and that one is not afraid to use it!

Clearly that will help everyone everywhere fell the annual seasonal spirit the way that the Argument from Intelligent Design Demands!

So what do you say! Let's put the Dubya back into Wmas!

Nip/Tuck What?

Which part of this is suppose to make sense:

A search of F.B.I. computer records showed that Mr. Aragoncillo had conducted extensive keyword searches on agency computers for information related to the Philippines and had printed or downloaded 101 classified documents on the subject. More than three dozen documents were classified secret.

The classified documents that Mr. Aragoncillo is accused of passing center on political rivalries in Manila, according to court documents.

Now what exactly is Pravda On The Hudson trying to explain to us with this mounting NJ Spy Case??? Are they trying to engage in the defeatist rumour mongering that the FBI has shifted to doing political survaillance operations overseas in our former colonial protectorates? So that we can feel warmer and safer knowing that as we take on more colonial protectorates, such as ThatIraqiThingiePoo, which we can not allow to fall to the Iraqi People, we can know that the Spirit of J.Edgar Hoover is still being channelled into the current wonder world of the Divine Miss W! Or is this a part of the Evil Doing of the Evil Liberal Media whining that we are frivilously wasting the tax payers dollars on the survaillance of foreign political dissident movments when we have perfectly good problems here at home that the FBI could be doing survaillance on.

You know, like figuring out whom in the White House might have been involved in burning a CIA asset! I mean in a Time of More@War, or at least as a part of the time of transferring the tax burden onto the unborn! Shouldn't the FBI be doing the decent thing locally???