October 4th, 2005


RenderMan Part Deux

has anyone else noted that the hot buzz amongst the almost green has been 'bio-diesel' also known as 'grease-o-hol', that allows cars to run on rendered fat?

similarly the evil liberal media is citing "scientific studies" that obesity in children will lead to obesity in their adult days.


Clearly the new energy policy starts to develop, we simply render the enemies of the state into their bio-diesel format and we get a tow-fer, a cleaner environment, and freedom from those who Oppose the Divinity Of THE DIVINE Miss W, which is the inevitable conclusion of the Argument of Intelligent Design.

Why Miers is a great choice!

The crirtical word that my Evil Liberal Friends need to remember:

Generalissimo Pinochet

When Evil Liberal Communist Fellow Travelors allowed Chile to fall to the Chilean People, there was a slow and steady progression by the evil black robed tyrants that would ultimately lead to allowing Evil Liberal Prosecutors to Prosecute Generalissimo Pinochet for things related to his efforts to Rescue Chile from the evil threat of it falling into the hands of the Chilean People.

So it is clearly prudent to have someone on the American Supreme Court who understands the Importance of Loyalty!!!

Someone who will prevent any evil liberal politically motivated persecution of a Commander In Chief for any actions done while in a time of deferring the tax burden onto the unborn. Not that anyone would ever suggest that any american Commander In Chief might in any way be involved in getting thousands killed for strictly domestic political purposes, nor that they might reposition millions of dollars into more profitable portfolio's than those of the tax payers, there is always the chance that some Evil Liberal with an ax to grind might want to embark upon such evil doing liberalism.

So clearly Miers steadfast loyalty to the Greatest Military Leader EVER!!! makes her a great choice to make sure that evil liberals will never be allowed to persecute the decent people who were doing their part to Protect America from falling into the hands of American People.

Why Meir IS NOT the best choice.

Clearly it sends the WRONG message to the Terrorists!

Allowing the Terrorists to think that the Greatest Military Leader EVER! would allow america to fall into the hands of the American People simply emboldens the Terrorists to be more Terroristical!

Therefore the President should go with some Supreme Court Nominee who will openly stand against the EVIL LIBERAL REGIMES and their Evil Liberal ways that would raise up the Law of Man above that of the Divine Will! As revealed by the Argument of Intelligent Design.

UnHoly Pro-Terrorist Propoganda!

No sooner had I renounced the EVILS of the EVIL LIberals and their Evil Liberal Efforts to install one More EVIL Liberal onto the supreme court than what rolls over the transom from Yahoo News:

U.S. Military Launches New Iraq Offensive
HAQLANIYAH, Iraq - Some 2,500 U.S. troops along with Iraqi forces launched their second major offensive in western Iraq in a week Tuesday, sweeping into three towns to take them back from insurgents who had killed Marines there last month.

The U.S. military announced its first casualties of the offensives, with four troops killed by roadside bombs during the fighting and a fifth elsewhere.

I mean the president merely announced Meir a few days ago and already the Forces Of Evil are trying to suggest ThatIraqiThingiePoo is anything but way so past "Major Military Operations" as the Greatest Military Leader EVER! announced when the Mission Was Accomplished!

Clearly there needs to be a presidential inquiry into how the Evil Liberal Media misinterpretted the Super Sekret Message that the president had meant to send by nominating the same person who had helped clear up the ambiguity of his time with the National Guard. Now More than EVER Frau Meir is needed to lead an even more special investigation, and should recuse herself from the opportunity to sever as a US Supreme Court Justice! There will clearly be other opportunities for her to be more Loyal Than Thou. But first we must root out the evil doers doing EVIL!

Fixing Those Broken Numbers

From the San Jose Merk a whole new meaning to the old catch phrase about "no child left behind."

Army Secretary Noel Harvey and vice chief of staff Gen. Richard Cody said Monday that the Army was using looser Defense Department rules that permitted it to sign up more high school dropouts and people who score lower on mental-qualification tests, but they denied that this meant it was lowering standards.

Until Army recruiters began having trouble signing up enough recruits earlier this year, the Army had set minimum standards that were higher than those of the Defense Department.

The Army has a recruiting shortfall of 6,000 to 8,000 soldiers over the past 12 months. It hasn't fallen so short of its annual goal since 1979, several years after the Vietnam war.

Gosh, Golly, that so makes me feel safer!

Nothing like knowing kids will finally get that motivation to, uh....

Post Better SAT scores?

Be all that they can Be?

Uh.... Which side are we supporting here again?

But Nukes Stop Virii And Vermin

My Pet Favorite Collection of Whiners The MojoWire got a little paniky over the president's firm resolution and commitment to use Federal Troops to supress any problems that might arise from any avian flu episodes. Well It's About TIME! I say.

What with the Communist Insurgency up In SF, where the 2nd class citizens, who work for the public school system, are agitatting that they should be treated like actual Born Persons! With Real Rights! Just Like the Very Same Rights That Jesus Gave the Unborn In The Real American Constitution that the True Founding Fathers Always Supported!

Well that looks like a Serious Out Break of Avian Flu to me. I mean can we afford to allow the ongoing Communist Insurgency in SF to threaten the Free Republic with their Dangerous Radical Extremism!

And now, when folks say, "nuke 'em from space, it is the only way to be sure."

They can say it with all of the Love In Their Heart; knowing that they really are supporting the Greatest Military Leader EVER! Protect americans from the mounting threat that America might fall to the americans.

I mean folks need to understand that one can love the sinner, and still nuke first and ask questions later.