September 16th, 2005


Divine Comedy

Since everyone, I mean EVERYONE, accepts the reality that the Argument of Intelligent Design leads to the inevitable Divinity of Dubya.

Is it improper to have the Divine Talking To Himself in public on the national day of prayer?

I mean it's one thing when Dubya is all alone in the dark talking to himself about what a great job he is going to do, as he did in last night's speach from New Orleans, but from the National Cathedral? Dedicated, as it is, to the Divinity of Dubya, isn't that, well, just a little Nutzo?

So who is going to take the coke bottle to the edge of the world and toss it off?

Lesbians Cause Football Scandal!

I was SHOCKED! Shocked I tell you to hear that there is a sports writer on the news channel talking about a brewing scandal in Texas Football about recruiting New Orleans Football Players, that started even before the flood waters had stooped Rising!


To think that those Lesbians, the cause of the New Orleans Crisis are behind this growing Scandal in Texas Football!!!

Why Oh My GOD! Has anyone informed FEMA? The



Marketting Administration

that the curse of the BushBashers has blighted the nobility of Texas Football!!!

Clearly now more than ever all True Patriotically Corrector Than Thou Americans will rise up as one and DEMAND! DEMAND I tell you that the president start bombing Canada NOW!!!