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More Victories In Lebanon

Israeli warplanes hit a United Nations observation post during a raid late Tuesday in southern Lebanon, killing four observers, Lebanese police said.

The post was hit in the town of Khiam, a Hezbollah stronghold.

"At least four UN observers were killed," a Lebanese police official said.

Lebanese police said that more casualties were "still under the rubble."

[ cf Israel airstrike kills 4 UN observers ]
Mistake or Audition?

Clearly as the VOCHAS here in america have been amping up the need to take military action against the UN, it is not clear if the Israeli's are hoping that this will work as an Audition Tape that their commitment to freeing america from the Jack Boot of international law, or whether this was merely a local dispute between the Israeli's and International law, as they punctuate that they are not going to listen to anyone but their primary arms supplier.

Gosh, what if the VOCHAS were to get up off their collective Ideological-Slacker BeHinds and get into the War the Old Fashion Way by actually doing their own killing for themselves, rather than hoping that they can keep renting the IDF to kill members of the UN for them.
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