drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Global Strategic Reserve for Clerks II

Or NOT the movie Review of the film.

Since clearly there are those who, as some of the reviews noted, rushed out on Friday to see it at the opener, which lead to a dip in attendence for those who showed up on Saturday. Which in the land of Numerological Numbering could be a symbolic symbol of significant symbolism, or merely a numerical number nothing nothing normally nominal enough to note.

Personally I like to think that there is a vast Undergound of Super Sekret Global Strategic Reserve of Clerks II fans Operatives!, many of whom were really seriously planning to attend the movie, but were seriously complicated by the recent heat wave that was hot, and, well, that as many may have noticed, lead to a massive under motivation on the part of the SSGSRCII, who, for reasons of National Security opted to remain the unrevealed Strategic Reserve!!!

Ok, so a lot of us were just hanging out in front of the MiniMart debating the inevitable death of the Paid Professional Film Reviewers and the inevitable downward trend in the corporate american film culture where it has been obliged to embark on the current canibalistic feeding frenzy of remakes of remakes, rather than stepping up to the plate and being grotesquely Heroic about providing compelling cinemetography that will inspire the american people to continue to continue until the continuing as continued from the last continuing has successfull completed what ever it was that the national grand deciders have decided need to be completed!

As such, the Typical SSGSRCII is far vastly superior to the Mere VOCHAS, since the SSGSRCII, if the divine will divinely wills, will actually divinely do what needs to be done. Which in this case would probably include the viewing of the film, so that the Bleeding Hearts In the Red Hollywood Power Elite were finally forced to accept that Clerks II is not MERELY a follow on to Clearks (1994), it is not some lame directorial compensation for what the Monolithic Evil Failed Prre-911 Mass Media Kultur Murdered in Jerseay Girl ( which should not be confused with say, Jerseay Girl (1992) which one of the reviews gives a single star to, and asserts
This movie would have to take the cake for one of the worst movies I have ever seen. I promise that you will become stupider after watching the movie. Unless you have a lot of time on your hands and you can't think of anything else to do, I wouldn't bother seeing this mindless flick.
which should help some film afficianado's know the difference, and that there probabably WAS a konsirpiakii here!!! That obviously is the basis for a movie that has not yet been revealed, you know, for reasons of National Security. )

Ultimately in the KulturKampf, there is the growing hope that as the SSGSRCII get their message out to those over seas who have always wanted to immigrate to america and be the next unHoly manifestation of Where's the Party Yaar(2003), and that this is not really going to happen. So folks might as well get past all of that whole failed Revolutionary Blow Stuff Up, unless of course it is a Donkey, since, as we all know, there is really no room for blow, or bongs, or that technical stuff, in the new and improved SSGSRCII Weltanschaung!

Yeah, that clearly is the Hyper Super Serious Under Stated Sekret Message that underlies all of this.

That and do not do Substance D.

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