drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Major Progress In Anti-Zombie Operations

Unlike the whiners in the USofA, we learn,
Israel called up five battalions of army reservists today and dropped leaflets across southern Lebanon warning civilians to leave towns and villages and head north towards Beirut as it prepared for a major ground offensive against Hezbollah positions.

Condoleezza Rice, the US Secretary of State, was due to announce US plans for a diplomatic solution to the crisis later tonight, ahead of a visit to the region on Sunday. She will travel on to the Far East and return next weekend.

Western officials see that as Washington's unspoken deadline for Israel to complete its operation against Hezbollah, the Iranian and Syrian-backed movement that triggered the hostilities nine days ago.

[ cf TheTimes: Israel calls up reservists for push into Lebanon ]
Go Team Go!!!

Maybe now the whiney americans will get up off their back sides, drop their pomp pomps, stop dressing up like GirlieMen, and opt to join in the Great And Most Exciting Holy Crusade Against Iranian Flying Saucers as their PATRIOTIC DUTY in the growing market of Anti-Zombie Ops!!!

Be All That You Can Be!!!

Before the Government gives all the good jobs to the minorities...
Tags: hcaifs, war, zombies

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