drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Bringing The War Back Home....

Officials with Consolidated Edison said today they would be working “through the weekend” to restore power to residents in parts of Queens who are now on their fifth day without electricity.

“We totally understand people’s frustrations,” Michael Clendenin, a Con Ed spokesman, told NY1 News today. “Right now we’re conducting a full assessment of why this happened. Meanwhile, our focus is completely on restoration.”

His words may have been small consolation to the thousands of customers in western Queens who have received no definitive word yet on when they would get power back, or why their particular neighborhoods were most affected.

[ cf AmPravda: Blackout in Queens May Last Through the Weekend ]
Of COURSE it is learning to be empathetic with the power grid issues in Iraq.

The alternative of course would be to suggest that once again the Iranian Flying Saucers have been able to attack critical strategic military grade targets in NYC as a part of God's Punishment on NY for having been on the wrong side.

Can there be any doubt that NOW!!! More than ever all americans must rally to the President and support his War On Civilians ZOMBIES!!!! as a corner stone to turning back the Onslaught Of Iranian Flying Saucers.
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