drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Why not start the War On Zombies a bit earlier than planned?

Clearly in the new and improved round of killing off those who happen to be in the area at the time, we may just want to start the whole War On Zombies a bit earlier than some may have planned.

This way the News Media in America would be able to not only have Cool Product Tie Ins with things like "World War Z", even before it has actually started principle shooting, but it would also help defray the cost of things like the Israeli Liberation of Lebanon, which Israel abandoned after a mere 22 year occupation. In this new and improved project americans would be able to understand that the IDF was going into Lebanon not to merely randomly kill available civilians and anyone else who happened to be within the blast radius, but they would be saving the world from the growing threat of ZOMBIES!!!

This way if the americans need to irradicate the infestation of Zombies in say Baharain, because the Zombies came out to support a protest against the IDF Anti-Zombie Operations, americans would understand that it is for their own good!!!! Since now more than ever we have to root out those zombies before they go after White Christian Blonde Virgin American Girls, you know, like HanoiAnnieCoulter and her Courtier Group of Qooties.

Why this would be a big boon for everyone!!!

That little problem in Mumbai, Anti-Zombie Ops.

That little problem in Chechnya, Anti-Zombie Ops.

That little string of problems outside of Han Based China, Anti-Zombie Ops!

The need to irradicate the ideological deviationalists within the GOP Party - Anti-Zombie Ops!!!

{ ok, irradicating anyone who is not a republican in america is merely Ideological Purification, but hey, why not call it Anti-Zombie Ops as welll!!! I mean everyone understands that those types have to go anyway.... You know, White Christian Blonde Virgin American Girls, and all of that!!!! Besides, anyone who is not a Republican was probably a Proto-Zombie anyway. }

Talk about getting the public ready for the Big Box Office Bash Ripped From The Startelling Headlines!!!

And it should also cut down on the cost of not actually covering the news.

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