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UnHoly National Oopsie Legal Wankage

Our friends over at digby offer up the lovely
How can the paper of record write a lengthy puff piece about the brave, maverick integrity of Senator Huckleberry Graham and make no metion of the fact that he and his pal Jon Kyl inserted a fraudulent 12,000 word colloquey into the congressional record to fool the US Supreme Court and were caught red-handed. The Supreme Court merely noted this in the footnotes of the Hamdan decision, but the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia issued an unusual order rejecting their amicus brief alone, although they accepted five others. As John Dean wrote: "No one familiar with this remarkable behavior by Graham and Kyl can doubt why the court did not want to hear from these senators."

This was not a small thing. Huckleberry and Kyl wrote an entire script of a debate that never happened in order to create a false legislative history that they then cited in an amicus brief for the government in the Hamdan case. They defrauded the court and they did it with the express purpose of bolstering the government's argument that the Senate had intended that the Supreme Court be stripped of jurisdiction in the Hamdan case.

This is remarkable not only because it features two Senators outright lying to the Supreme Court. It is also remarkable because the decision in that case is the one the NY Times says Huckleberry is now bravely defending against the wishes of his own party. I would have thought the reporter might have asked old Huck about where he actually stands on this issue.

[ cf Huckleberry Howler ]

Should we really expect much from the American Congress???

And when the American Congress makes it painfully clear to the rest of the world that we have become a "Failed Nation State" that should not be expected to manage it's own war crimes trials when the american troops are merely following orders one has to wonder if the children over at, oh, say, TargetOfOpportunity, cf MojoWire: Anonymous Pseudo-Fascist Cowards, will still be posturing about how in their mythological 'civilized world' they of course have never advocated or supported armed action. With of course the full on Massed Comedy as they REALLY start to work out how they are going to totally distance themselves from the American Armed Forces, that they meticulously avoided serving in, as well as any allignment with any of the policies or processes that lead to the current malaise in both the american armed forces and it's legal standing around the world.

Or would that be just asking too much of the VOCHAS while they prance around pretending that they are at least as Pro-War as their Great Vietnam Era War Heroes, Tom DeLay, Karl Rove, et al....

Only Time WILL tell.

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