drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

headline combos that are just not right

Dozens more die as air strikes continue meets Evidence Chicago Police Tortured Suspects.

Yes, I too thought it was like sooo tacky that the evil Guardian of the UK was so rude as to publish photograph of children under the age of 12 as casualties in the current New And Improved Family Values Phase of the Holy Crusade Against All Iranian Flying Saucers Everywhere.

But I am not that sure how americans are suppose to respond to learning that he Great American Tradition of Torturing People is a time honored and venerable art and craft, and of course should, well, gosh, be protected from the Evil Persectution of those who do not respect that in a Time Of Transferring The Tax Liability Unto The Unborn, one should be allowed to torture anyone, anywhere, any how.

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