drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Why Does The AEI Hate America?

The Middle East has taken over the agenda, crowding out news from Iraq, Afghanistan, North Korea, Iran’s nuclear program and the G-8 Summit, not to mention news from Washington, D.C. The issue is not the narrow one of Israel/Lebanon/Gaza or Israel/Hamas/Hezbollah. It is about state sponsors of terrorism, especially Iran and Syria, for whom Hamas and Hezbollah are surrogates. The world is changing before our eyes, requiring a new paradigm for considering terrorist organizations, regimes and threats and America’s role in this world.
[ cf As the Middle East Burns, Congress Should Play an Active Role ]
Subtle but effective.

I mean wwhat more obvious, and almost polite, a way to assert that the current efforts to restore the wetlands in Iraq has not been as effective a method of solving the whole Holy War Against Iranian Flying Saucers as once the AEI, et al, hopped up and down about how this was the Big Majik Silver Bullet!!!! And that there can be no "cut and run" from the continued occupation of Iraq....

Clearly if the NeoConClownCarKrew is stepping up and calling for
We need more than a set of diplomatic initiatives from the White House.
{ op cit }
Are they not openly admitting that they have pulled out their Long Knives to OPENLY STAB THE TROOPS IN THE BACK as they hope for the politics of Appeasement and Kapitulationism!!!

So what has it been that has driven the whole NeoConClownCarKrew and their Killer VOCHAS lap puppies into the arms of the Anti-War, Anti-Military, Anti-American Extremists???

Could it be the coffee break moment as more economic realists are talking rationally about the long slow and painful dollar depreciation that is the center piece of the current economic reality!!! Which at some point might oblige the IMF to limit what sorts of toys the boys will be allowed to buy and throw away, as we are currently doing with ThatIraqiThingiePooh....

Nah. That would mean that the AEI were obliged to deal with economic reality and not mere Ideological KorrektNeff...

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