drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

If they are Dead,...

... Of course they were terrorists.

What is it with the Evil Liberal Media around the world that is acting as if the notion of "civilian" were still some sort of operable term denoting persons who are not legitimate targets for collateral damage.

Granted, as I reminded one of the Immigrants to America who is my co-worker,
Oh yes, as soon as a place is a legitimate military target, civilians should refactor whether they wish to live in the area.
But for some reason, when we bring this same rhetorical device home to the good old USofA - and remind americans that the WTC, which was attacked twice before falling down, is of the class of targets which the USAF would consider legitimate C3 targets to be destroyed. Gosh, just as we did the several times we blew up those classes of targets in Iraq.

Yet, when we apply american USAF 'target selection' criterion to american targets, all of those Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey God Hating America Bashers run screaming that I must be some sort of unamerican because I support the USAF 'target selection' standards, and they hate the American Military.

Ah yes, america, where this whole Patriotic Thing is clearly soooo out of hand.

But since the threat to the Oil Prices have decreased, we can only hope that as the IDF troops move north through Lebanon, that they will either go forward and start cleaning out the Shi'ite Sites, as they did with the Palestinians before them, or that they finally turn eastward and carry the process of "Ideological Kleansing" into Syria, where, as we all know, there are Ideological Deviationals yearning to be recycled.

England Will Prevail!!!

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