drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Those Evil Cagers!!

Now don't get me wrong here. I am not opposed to all cars, I own a Prius, just like all right thinking Patriotic All American Fiscally Conservative Republicans with Prior Military Service. But I do not believe that all americans have some sort of mystico-religious right to own a car as their excuse for their deeply unresolved moral guilt over needing more DEAD, DYING, MAIMED and WOUNDED american GI's so that they can 'get wood' these days.

A friend of mine forwarded to me Bicycle Safe and East Bay Bicycle Safe since he painfully FEELS for the deep seated unresolved emotional ANGST of those who have not been able to find any alternative expiation of their GUILT over desiring American GI blood to fuel their life style, and hence that these Cagers have far more unstable psychological profiles than the simply emotionally traumatized from the Post-Vietnam Era when the Evil Richard Nixon, on the Super Sekret Orders of his Peking Pay Masters advanced the EPA and with it the subliminal reality that bicycling to work, and other socio-political situations, was probably more Patriotic than merely funding the Armed Islamic Extremists in the Middle East who are bent upon the destruction of our white christian america.

How things really do not change - except that the Cagers are still feeling emotionally traumatized about driving their cars, and their whole subliminal God Hating America Bashing based upon their lack of patriotic support for making America American Again.

Now do not get me wrong here folks. I understand that these types NEED PROFESSIONAL THERAPY!!! but as some in california may recall, The Great RayGunn GUTTED THE INSTITUTIONS where we could intern persons with these sorts of psychological disorders, except of course the 51-50's out there. So what we really need to do is have some section of the Department Of Homeland Security round them up and ship them off to the National Institute For The Correction Of Ideological Deviationalisms, where they can get the sort of THERAPY they deserve.

Hopefully while being cured, they will also divulge the full list of their co-conspirators.

Needless to say this would make America More American AGAIN!!! not to mention safer for Patriotic All American Fiscally Conservative Republicans with Prior Military Service to bicycle to work without the annoyance of The GOD HATING AMERICA BASHERS acting out their guilt laden angst!!!
Tags: bike, war

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