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Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy - movie review

Which is to say that the bicycle ride into work was TOTALLY INFESTED with that cloying jingle like song. Which of course folks would also know is the "sing along" that is a part of the Special BONUS FEATURE if one had already bought the dvd, as I did the other day, from CostCo.

Those folks who saw the movie in the Cinema will of course know that they can already get their copy of the DVD, and that it is 'a moral imperative' to actually go ahead and buy the DVD, in the grand hope that we will all be able to meet at the Restaurant at the end of the universe.

Those folks who failed to see the movie in the Cinema should feel rudely GUILTY!!! and were I a vindictive sort of person, I would of course proceed to read you vogon poetry until you were clear as to why you really should have done your Duty, to god and country, and gone and seen the film in the Cinema, so that the Red Hollywood, marginally literate, Elites would understand that they had a moral imperative to not only deliver the Restaurant at the end of the universe, but all sorts of other totally important and significant upgrades from "harmless" to "mostly harmless" which everyone clearly DEMANDS!!! Even if there were folks who are just not at all concerned about their civic duty and the need to be aware that anyone was planning to put a Hyper Space By Pass through the planet.

As I am sure most folks know. Douglas Adams was an obscure walk on, who did some pepper pot bits in the final waining days of the whole Monty Python Flying Circus, and the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy was a part of his desperate effort to stay off the dole once the real job failed to work out. As such one should support one man's desperate effort to be as much of a Man as the Iron Maiden Margaret Thatcher and do all that one can do to do all that one can do, you know, for God, and County, and the Crown!!!

In Douglas Adams' case this meant taking the basic plot line through multiple revisions as it worked it's way through the various mediums of Radio, Books, Clarvoiyants, and the deep channeling of persons who may actually have been Zombie Pirates, but ultimately were to transmogriphied into a potted petunia, which of course has always explained, why, in the book, radio show, tv show, and finally the movie, they are noted to assert, "Oh no, not again." But of course everyone who is anyone already knew that. One so does not need to be a part of the third smartest species on the planet to even have an inkling that it was such a darkly symbolic moment.

Bottom line - if you do not own a copy of the DVD, then you are in league with the Iranian Flying Saucers, whom as everyone knows, tried to under bid the vogon construction fleet, and opted instead to take the smaller contract doing some local remodling jobs. Not that I would want to say that owning a copy of the DVD takes precedence over actually knowing where one's towel is, but clearly it needs to be on that level of Moral Imperative!!!
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