drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

For Californians - the November 8th Play Acting At Self Government

I would like to remind californians that since they decided to impose their Kennedy-Toy-Boy on the state to play act as if he were cabable of governing that there are a bunch of ballot initiatives that we as Californians are paying for, so it would be cost effective if Californians did their part in this piece of Political Theatre.

Clearly what we need to get onto the Ballot Initiative Track is a ballot initiative that will mandate that when the Governor and the Legislature have 'issues' that they decide to at least play act that they are adults and do their Jobs.

I can understand that the libertarian crowd is all excited at the political theatre of spending billions to pretend that the current fiasco of ballot initiatives is almost like having a functioning governmnt - but they may wish to take some time out of their busy schedule and read up on things like Federalism. Yes, I understand, these freaks are all victims of the evil public welfare system - but it might help them.

The tragedy of course is that without californians turning out at the polls to actually VOTE, we have the minority rule by the freak show who like mere political theatre over good government.

So it is time to step into the voting booth and Vote! Stop the policy of political theatre by hoping that most of the voters will not show up...

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