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Ugly Decay on The DVD Front

Things soooo went wrong this weekend while madmerle was doing her week off fun run through the bay area. Since we not only went to the HORROR of doing that Great America Thingus Of Pooh - a peeve in it's own right - which we may address later - but the full on horror of wandering around picking up both books and DVD's. I may have to start a book review section, but for the moment, the dark horror was adding more CHEESY Stuff to the inventory! Including, but not limited to Tim Burton's 1994 HORROR: Ed Wood so that she would have the current official Radical Leftist Red Hollywood Propoganda about Edward J. Wood Jr. and the MOST IMPORTANT MOVIE, EVER!!! Plan9 From Outer Space.

Needless to say, I was obliged to take my Prius out and drive around, only to find out that it has been victimized!!! I have Cat Tracks On A Prius which is clearly FAR MORE OMINOUS than merely Snakes On A Plane! since it shows that there MUST be a clear and compelling connection between the Iranian Flying Saucers and the Feline Monsters that lurk in the dark of NIGHT!!! And Not merely the Red Propoganda of the Evil Red Hollywood Elites!!!! But does anyone expect that in the Moral CessPit of Red Hollywood, where Disney is cutting back from 18 films per annum, to a mere 8 films, that there will soon be a Compelling War Time Drama about Cat Tracks On A Prius to stir the hearts and minds of those fighting the Iranian Flying Saucers from the safety of their Rear Area Bunkers????


I expect NOT!!!
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