drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

iLog: Definition

iLog: ( In Lieu Of Girlfriend ) The person one turns to when there is the obligatory socio-cultural-political obligation to show up with one of THOSE in tow, and one really does not normally need a full time one of THOSE hanging about cluttering up the Social Calander.

The hope here is that as the TOTAL VICTORY OVER IRANIAN FLYING SAUCERS move the whole OwnerShipSociety forward, that we will be able to move forward, from mere meme of iLog, to a product branding, and then the obligatory Business Model about how one rents to own, and/or leases iLogs. At which point there is the expectation that we can IPO and go forward as a Part of the Ongoing Struggle of The Free Market System Bringing TOTAL VICTORY OVER IRANIAN FLYING SAUCERS as a part of the Ever Glorious, and Ever Victorious New World Order!!!

So you can put your New World Orders in early if you wish....

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