drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Waffle, What Waffle?

The New and Improved, Family Sized, Product Enhancement Clarification from the White House makes it clear that while they sound like they had made a 180 turn from their opposition to international law - nope, the White House remains as committed as ever to it's Policy of Torturing Anyone, Anywhere, as the whim strikes the Great Leader!

Folks may want to catch WaPo: More Ambiguity About Torture and then wonder if the rest of the world will still consider american 'military personnel' to be the sorts of persons who are actually covered under the geneva convention, or are they really just the armed thuggery of a Political Party that has opted out of the international system of laws, and has decided to plunge their nation into the wonderland world of "failed nation states".

Ah yes, perchance the White House will want to clarify it's current set of positions. Who Knows, maybe even Congress will want to work out which side they are on; since it is clearly too late, given that the US Supreme Court, as so many party Aparachnikii have noted, have come out on the Side of "Law And Order", and hence the anti-american crowd.

Hum... when did being a memeber of the "Law and Order" crowd get one in trouble with the 'right wing'....

Who knows, maybe the VOCHAS (Victims Of Chicken Hawk Angst Syndrome) will work out whether or not it is time to take the risk, and follow their rhetorical devices into action.

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