drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Start of the Purge? Or Plea Bargin Shopping?

Now that Komrade Party Member Robert Novak is out there marketting the reality that he rolled over on Karl Rove, one really does wonder which way the wind is really blowing in all of this. Especially in light of the recent U-Turn the administration made on the importance of the Geneva Convention....

Are folks really starting to position themselves for many safe returns before the War Crimes Tribunals are put in place? Not like some of us did not openly ask folks,
Would YOU give these Powers to Hitlary Klinton and the Klintonesta?
back when so much of this falteral was starting up. Back when the Idea of blowing the CIA network associated to the proliferation of Nuclear Technology was consider an issue of some merit above and beyond the mere domestic political pandering. Ah yes, back before the Folly Of GitMo was unfolding before the american
How were we suppose to Know? These were all things done in Secret! We Knew Nothing! NOTHING!!!
posturing was fully formed.

So who knows, maybe the world may still allow american troops, who have commited war crimes, like the current rolling collection of those convicted in american courts, to be tried in american courts.

The world may still feel safe enough that the american commitment to the rule of law is sufficiently strong enough that they do not have to worry about the USofA being just one more failed Nation State with Nuclear Weapons and No Regards for international law.


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