drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Which Side SHOULD the GOP be on with regard to Law In America???

It is interesting that after the Ruling by the US Supreme Court, and in spite of the political posturing of the President, the Pentagon has come out accepting that the Geneva Convention remains a ratified treaty, and is a part of the legal standards of the american law of land warfare. This may be the polite way that the DOD warns the Civilian Leadership that they are not sure if the DOD will be able to protect the civilian leadership from legal prosecution if the Civilian Leadership should fall into the hands of a War Crimes Tribunal. Made all the scarier, should such a War Crimes Tribunal occur in a nation state without a commitment to Rex Lex...

Mean while The Senate Majority Leader is hoping that he can time the debate on whether American Law Is Legal In America until the run up to the next bi-election phase. Is this to make the bi-election a referedum on the notion of Rex Lex, and the abandonment of the Divine Nature Of The Great Leadership Principle? Or is this still the same old desperate effort to ring the bits and bobs of patriotic rhetorical devices out of being able to say "@WAR" in the sound bytes and hope everyone is thinking about say the landing at Leyte Gulf, rather than the abandonment of the Battling Bastards Of Bataan...

Is The Senate Majority Leader really trying to signal that the other Kulture Kampf elements are just not panning out as gooder as they might have been, had the so called "More@WarThanEverBefore" political posturing had been able to keep the party polling numbers up higher??? Or is there this desperate effort to try to avoid as well the ongoing political crisis of faith that all of the Pro-War Fans are also, well, gosh, the VOCHAS (Victims Of Chicken Hawk Angst Syndrome) and it is more important to find an issue that is near enough to ThatWarLikeThingiePooh, than to, well, gosh, wonder why it is that there are so many VOCHAS who are working out how to be all that they can be...

Or is the Senate Majority Leader merely trying to signal that these are some really tough times, and it is sooo hard to work out which position the GOP should be taking with regards to complex and technical issues.

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