drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Got Multiple Personalities....

.... and the paper work to support them?

As one more glorious symbol of the success of the American Process of Total Victory over the Iranian Flying Saucers we get this blissed out piece of Happineff from the Seattle PI crew:
A bookstore in eastern Baghdad is getting more customers these days, but they aren't looking for something to read. The owner sells fake IDs, a booming business as Iraqis try to hide their identities in hopes of staying alive.

Although it's nearly impossible to distinguish between a Sunni and a Shiite by sight, names can be telling. Surnames refer to tribe and clan, while first names are often chosen to honor historical figures revered by one sect but sometimes despised by the other.

For about $35, someone with a common Sunni name like Omar could become Abdul-Mahdi, a Shiite name that might provide safe passage through dangerous areas.

"I got a fake ID card to protect myself from the Shiite militias who are deploying in Baghdad and hunt Sunnis at fake checkpoints," said Omar Abdul Rahman, a 22-year-old university student. He refused to give the name on his fake ID.

[ cf Iraqis turn to fake IDs for safety ]
I Mean, SERIOUS Mad Props to the NeoCons...

They told us the free market system won the cold war... and god are they so proud of the process of creating an industry for artificial identities... Why this way, it would be possible to have anyone be whom ever they need to be, anywhere.

Want to Get the extra couple of Crates of Viagra, Cocaine, Heroin, through Customes, pull out your Rush Limbaugh Identity Paperwork and watch the kids in the Department of Homeland Security Stand up And SALUTE!!!

Hum... what was that costume they wore in A Scanner Darkly that helped make all of this possible. I mean, home boy, that is so what we want to see as the lead off fall fashion, so that we can all be wearing the right costumes in time to cast our electronic ballots for which ever of the Politico's the system will want to be the hip talking heads leading the effort to Make America More American Again by the ongoing total victory over the Iranian Flying Saucers, or which ever will be the Current State of What We have always been at war with...

I mean then everything Would Be OK, Right?

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