drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Your Seat May Be Used As A Flotation Device...

Our Evil Doing Evil Doers over at the MojoWire point us to this interesting Video by the Blue Folks, that also is available at Climate Change Politics: The Deniers and The Apologists - clearly it is a lovely piece of video.

The tragedy is that for too many folks out there, you know, the ones who are still at war with Modernists { In this case, the modernists are from the 19th Century who have decided that science is more than merely a cool way of building an intellectual underpinning to technlogy, but that it has other utilities as a part of understainding what is going on out there. } on the whole DANGER OF SCIENCE!!! since of course, well, science is dangerous.

So if you are scared by science, do not ask any questions, do not check out the articles or the video.

Just believe that all we need is more Military Fire Power, and that will stop all of the Actual Real Imaginary Threats, even if it can not do diddly squat about the problems that are simply there and need to be addressed and resolved.

England Will Prevail!!!

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