drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

What would former Kaptain-Lieutenant Martin Niemoller Do???

When HanoiAnnieCoulter was first advocating assassinations of seated supreme court justices, everyone was reminded once again, that of course it is a Joke! Because of Course, the long standing tradition for americans in a 'time of war' is to openly advocate the murder of unarmed american civilians and their governmental officials.

When the US Supreme Court Advocated that american law was the law in america, East Blogistan went completely BONKERS advocating the mass murdering of the US Supreme Court Justices who had written the majority position. Which of course everyone thought was such a comical and funny fun time, since, well gosh, there is that long standing american tradition, even if the Freaks in East Blogistan forgot to put their smiley faces and 'of course it is a joke' tags on their call for mass murdering.

When the "few bad apples" started to accidentally assassinate and bomb womyn's clinics, doctors and lawyers. Well everyone noted, These Freaks have GOT to be Joking!!!

When the "few bad apples" arrived to irradicate moi, there was no one left with a sense of humour.

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