drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Restoring the Pledge of Allegiance

By now I am sure that most folks are aware that the nineth circuit will once again get a chance to forward on to the Supreme's a case with regards to the inclusion of 'under god' into the pledge of allegiance. This of course is suppose to be galvanizing some folks in america about the horror of the persecution of christians in the USofA.

But there is this minor technical problem for some of us.

The phrase was added to the pledge the same year that Brown v. Board of Education overturned Plessey, and hence the "black robed tyrannts" abandoned the biblically literalist doctrine of the separation of the races. A position that would be reaffirmed in Loving v. State of Virginia.

So the real question in the mix is whether we can afford as a nation to give up this piece of 'cold war dogeral' from a time when it was so much more important to 'prove' that "godless capitalism" would be able to crush "godless communism" if it included a vacuous god token for a civil religious appearance value.

Why not restore the Pledge of Allegiance that our valiant World War II veteran's grew up with? The very same pledge that they took to the four corners of the world during WWII. Yes, I understand that this would mean heaping more accolades upon 'the greatest generation ever!' and that perchance there was some merit in their service. Yes, I understand that this would mean abandoning the loathing and hatred of FDR and all of the Evil that he stood for, well at least to a level where it would be socially acceptable to admit that he had been the Commander In Chief, even if he was 4-F.

That pledge did not need the imposition of a state sponsored secular religious tokenization of god language to help them feel all warm and fuzzy that their patriotic actions were more Patriotically Corrector Than Thou.

Yes, I understand that this might frighten the Holy BeJezzuz out of the VoCHA ( Victims of ChickenHawk Angst ) that someone in the middle of their ranting

Only American Blood Can Defend The Holy Islamic Republic Of Iraq!

That they might have to work out whether they actually hold that the argument of intelligent design really compells them to the Divinity of Dubya, and that gosh, they might need to reconsider their whole Yellow Republican stand on why they need to wait for a 3rd, 4th, 5th, ... Nth attack on the World Trade Center to get their poop in a groop and give up on being in the Rear With The Beer!

But hey, no one ever said that a free republic was a pretty sight.

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