drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Can Americans Be Christians?

Amongst the many ongoing questions I often wonder about. Especially when there are these growing angstFestivals about which church is what and where and why.... But then in the midst of the amusement, God Blesses us with our dear MojoMoment Tony Snow, One Man Trainwreck... where once again we learn that the folks working in the American White House got their jobs without having to know much about america - and in fact once again, actually taking up what are known as contra-factual positions about america.

Ah yes, what if americans actually had to believe something - anything! Would they have the moral courage to actually do that? Or would they hold it all in abayance while they waited for the new Talking Point Memo to come out with the MemeOfTheDay.

Mad Props to Mojo for the leg work.

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