drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

want to be really cool kid?

then remind americans who are all prancing around noting that the current WhateverOnWhomever has produced less bodies than the vietnam era war like related activities.

and then thank those nice folks, since that is so traditional. why back in the day that was the cool thingie too. since of course fewer american troops died in the vietnam era than died in the war like thingie pooh before, the korean police action, or WWII or WWi..

all of which avoids the core question -
why exactly do americans want dead, maimed and wounded GI's so that they can sit safely in the rear, with the beer, being all more pro-war than thou.
Who knows, maybe this time around the Really Wanted To Be Famous War Heroes but were too young for Vietnam, will finally get up off of their faces and break the cycle of denigrating the deaths, maiming, and wounding of American GI's strictly for domestic political gain.

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