drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Stop The Extremists!

I was SHOCKED to find that the DOW dumped another 100+ points on the day that the Evil Anti-War Types Borked the Supreme Court Nominee of the Greatest Military Leader EVER!!!! Clearly God wants to punish those evil doers who do not accept that the Argument From Intelligent Design Demands the Divinity of Dubya and with it the Restoration of Wmas as the Divine Will Dictated!!!!

How much longer can americans go to bed at night knowing that there are Evil Doers Everywhere Around Them who do not accept the Divinity of Dubya!!!

Especially in this time when the nation is More@War Than Ever Before!!!!

Clearly the department of homeland security should begin bombing these dangerous enclaves of America Bashing Anti-Americanism where the Evil Doers Oppose the Divine Dictates of the Argument From Intelligent Design!!!!

Now More than ever all True Patriotic Americans Must Demand that the Greatest Military Leader EVER begin bombing the suspected hide outs of those who do not support the Divinity of Dubya as the Argument From Intelligent Design Demands!!!!

Anything Less and the Terrorists Win!!!

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