drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Xman - The Movie - A Review

Saw it last night with dr_strych9 after we did pizza at Amici's East Coast Pizzeria. So I guess doing Xman was a reasonable solution for the pudding.

Long Story Short on the Film
Just Say NO!!! To Hetro!!!!
Outlaw HeteroSeXuality For Reasons Of National Security!!!!
I mean how much more Gay can a film get?

If you are into that sort of Right Wing Propoganda, with the fluffer-nutter covered Ooozing Schmooz that is trying to imply that some how HeteroSeXuals are just like the rest of us, then drop the dime, do the film. Otherwise, relax and enjoy a quiet evening of doing something socially useful, like drive by shooting of ideologically deviationists types.

Basic Rating: See It at the cinema if some one else buys, and it's ok to do those sorts of things. But Otherwise, wait until this one gets to cable, since yes, you really do not want to slice this one up with Commercials, as it will ruin the product placements.
Tags: movie_review

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